The ’33 Ford Based Hot Rod from Factory Five is Fantabulous! (Video)

Published by: Allan Harris on 3rd Jun 2011 | View all blogs by Allan Harris
The Hot Rods by Factory Five for sure did catch everyone’s attention in the SEMA show. This particular model is the one with which the whole concept debuted. The car looks spectacular and has everything a modern roadster should have. In fact, it is more appropriate to say that this roadster has more than just ‘everything’. Once you read the specifications you will know what this car is all about. But, before that it is important to know a little about why these cars are being produced.

As we all know, Factory Five has made its reputation as one of the best kit car manufacturers in the world specializing in roadsters. Over the years, they have brought back to life numerous roadsters that were once popular but faded away with time.

The company has produced several AC Cobra kits, some Jaguar roadster kits, etc. But, that’s not where it all ends. Factory Five has taken its passion of producing classic kit cars to a whole new level by partnering with Tasca and Ford to create the Hot Rod roasters which were once a charm of the 60s.

These cars certainly were thought of as boring cars a decade back and to be honest yes they were boring. But now, the way Factory Five has integrated the advanced materials and machineries in it has given these cars a complete makeover. Yup, the Hot Rod roadsters are now back with the same appeal and the same monstrous drive that was once there in the 60s!

This particular blue and silver car you are looking at in the video has a 4.6 illuminator engine in it. According to one of the folks from Factory Five – ‘the main concept was to create a car that looks beautiful and at the same time runs like a sports car’. And, so they did achieve their goal. This car can be driven with or without the fenders and with or without the roof which is one major characteristic of modern sports car.

The engine is the main attraction in this one. It is a huge Ford Racing 4.6 Aluminator Crate Engine offering around 600 horsepower. According to the speaker – ‘the chassis were designed according to the engine to make it a great fit’. So, with that one sentence you can realize how important this engine is to the car. Of course, a modern Hot Rod cannot be integrated with a mini old school engine can it?

Another major appeal of the car is its paint. It is quite a unique combination of silver and blue. It is water-based paint making it extremely environmental friendly. Moreover, it is a product from BASF which in itself is a testimony to the fact that it won’t wear off soon. The suspensions are also designed differently from what were actually used in the actual Hot Rod roadsters. This one has suspension designed more like regular roadster chassis. Also, in the car are integrated performance based Ford Mustang components.

So, in a nutshell, unlike the classic Hot Rod roadsters, this one is not just meant for the tracks or plain roads. Instead, you can drive it on more or less any road type and it won’t break down.



  • Filippo Penati
    by Filippo Penati 1 year ago
    600HP!!! Just crazy! I have no words for such a fury.
  • Jeremy Milano
    by Jeremy Milano 7 months ago
    agree! such a kickass engine for a car good job! well I don't know if i can ride this car ahaha I just wanna know if i can still built this kind of engine using the 2nd hand parts maybe i could get the parts on the used cars for sale store.
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