Mar 9th

Behold, the New Factory Five Mk4 Roadster (Video)

By Allan Harris
Factory Five Racing has brought forward its offering for the year 2010 in the form of the Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. Known to be one of the best designers and manufacturers of assembly kits for replicars and sports cars, Factory Five Racing revealed the latest version of their best-selling replica on the 13th of February during its Winter Open House in Wareham, M.A.
Jan 15th

Gagliardi Vendetta – Persona of a Rockstar! (Video)

By Allan Harris
Every guy out there wants a sports car that not only is comfortable a super-speedy but also should have the ability of catching other’s attention. That’s exactly what Gagliardi Vendetta is all about! It’s a car that would make you feel like a rockstar while you are out there driving on your favorite street! It looks like a Lamborghini in some aspects but most of the enthusiasts say that it is better than a Lamborghini. Better or not, this car sure has the potential of standing up against a Lamborghini! 
Aug 31st

The Mac Miller Specials

By Mac Miller
The Mac Miller Specials
by Tom McGriff, proprietor of Mac Miller’s Garage INDY

Over the last three years, I have had the opportunity to build new versions of three of my favorite race cars of all time, a 1920s Miller style Speedway car, a 1960s style USAC sprint car and an early 60s Watson style Indy roadster.

Nov 13th

Extreme Ferrari 360 Replica - It Will Certainly Change The People's Outlook Towards You (Video)

By Allan Harris
Extreme 360 is one of the best replica kits you can find for the Ferrari f360. Some people might argue that replicas are not accurate and one can easily find loopholes in the design. Needless to say, those who have seen extreme 360 will not agree to that. It is absolutely amazing how the donor car gets the exact looks of f360. For those who are Ferrari lovers but cannot afford such luxury, this is the ultimate thing for them. 
Jan 22nd

Shelby Cobra vs. Dodge Viper GTS Drag Race – The Master against the Decibel (Video)

By Allan Harris
Two American cars and a grand race between them, excites all car fans. Shelby Cobra being the leader of the industry for so many years along the road, it was difficult for anyone to even match the success and the technological advancement it had achieved. Therefore, any comparisons to the Classic are just mere statements.
Apr 15th

Pawn Stars Take on a Shelby Cobra (Video)

By Allan Harris
I was watching Pawn Stars the other day, and I saw this episode. 

Do you believe this? The chassis of a real Shelby Cobra lying there in a storage facility in Las Vegas without anyone claiming it! Plus, to think that the man was asked to impound a car that is worth hundreds of thousands and still got paid to do that. What are the odds of that ever happening?
May 19th

The Ultima GTR 640 - Build Yourself a Supercar (Video)

By Allan Harris
The Ultima GTR 640 is a car right out of a man’s dream. It is the same car which stripped McLaren of its ‘fastest street legal car’ title.  Yet, the best part is that the company offers the freedom of choosing between a turnkey I.e. an industry built car. The kit is provided by Ultima Sports Ltd. without the engine, thus providing car builders with the choice of what to put under the hood.
Jun 15th

The GT40 – A Car to be Passionate About (Video)

By Allan Harris
76 year old company director, Roy Smart, found building GT40 replicas more thrilling than settling down for mowing lawn or spraying plants. Roy has been building GT40 replicas and racing them for more than 10 years. The story of Roy’s GT replica is remarkable. He had initially completed building a helicopter with his hands. The chopper was ready to fly, but he couldn’t find a test pilot to fly it. So, he had to wait a year.
Jul 1st

1963 Grand Sports Corvette: Fuelling your Passion for Race Cars! (Video)

By Allan Harris
1963 Grand Sports Corvette was the brainchild of Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov. He intended the car to be a series of 125 Lightweight cars. The Grand sports, at a weight thousand pounds less than the Sting Ray were made to counter the much hated Shelby Cobras in GT Races.

General Motors, with its strict “No Race” policies, killed the Grand Sports before any much progress was made. The program was doomed to death from its start. But Zora’s adventurous spirit and in ending support from his engineers had created a marvel in a very short time.
Jul 5th

Corvette C6 Z06 C6R Replica - Making a Difference! (Video)

By Allan Harris
Good News for all sports car lovers! One of the most popular sports cars of all times, the Corvette C6 Z06 now has a replica version too. Believe it or not, no one can spot a difference and you’d feel like you are in the legendary Corvette C6 Z06 C6R!