Aug 24th

Ferrari 360 Spider – A Revolutionary Car that Revolutionized Revolutionary Cars! (Video)

By Allan Harris
Believe it or not, since its inception, Ferrari 360 Spider has made itself known as one of the best sports car ever to be produced by mankind. It was introduced in 1999 as a replacement for the Ferrari F355 and it proved to be a tremendously lucrative decision for the company. Sports car enthusiasts literally fell in love with the Ferrari 360 Spider!
Jun 28th

1988 Ferrari Testarossa: A Benchmark For Sportscars (Video)

By Allan Harris
Ferrari has always been a symbol of speed, style and performance. Ferrari Testarossa, unveiled in October 1984, created a sensation and quickly became the definitive GT car for road use. 

At the time of its creation, the Testarossa proved to be more “user-friendly” than any other supercar in its time. But the functionality didn’t compromise on its looks, the car was fast, beautiful and best of all it wasn’t expensive.
Mar 30th

Ferrari F430 Replicas: Cheap Ferraris for All (Video)

By Allan Harris
The Ferrari 430 has been the apple of Ferrari’s eyes from 2004 to 2009. With a curvaceous and aerodynamic design, this car easily substituted the Ferrari 360 model preceding it. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, the vehicle has a number of design features which include enhanced downforce, the Enzo’s tail lights and interior vents in the chassis’ rear.
Nov 13th

Extreme Ferrari 360 Replica - It Will Certainly Change The People's Outlook Towards You (Video)

By Allan Harris
Extreme 360 is one of the best replica kits you can find for the Ferrari f360. Some people might argue that replicas are not accurate and one can easily find loopholes in the design. Needless to say, those who have seen extreme 360 will not agree to that. It is absolutely amazing how the donor car gets the exact looks of f360. For those who are Ferrari lovers but cannot afford such luxury, this is the ultimate thing for them. 
Nov 5th

Extreme 355 Ferrari Replica - Fashioned Sports Car With Stunning Looks

By Allan Harris
Extreme 355 is the replica car for Ferrari 355. F355 is an extremely well fashioned sports car with stunning looks. It is a car that every individual dreams of having but the budget does not allow everyone to have such a luxurious car. Not only it is too expensive to be bought but also because of its high maintenance and fuel consumption.
Nov 2nd

Extreme 430 Ferrari Replica - Now You Too Can Own This Fashionable Sports Car!

By Allan Harris
An extremely well built car with amazing interiors and speed is something that everyone dreams of having. Ferrari 430 Scuderia gives just that. It is a very fashionable sports car with a great speed and very comfortable interior. Having the most remarkable sports car can certainly change people’s outlook towards you.
Nov 1st

My Ferrari 430 Replica

By John Hale
Whenever one talks about super cars the first name that comes to the mind is Ferrari. I, just like zillion of people, used to dream of owning any model of this Italian car one day. My personal favorite among all Ferrari’s has been the 430 since the year 2004 when it was debuted at the 2004 Paris Auto Show. Even though the sales for this beautiful super car started in November 2004 but I got to see one of these in real in spring 2005.
Oct 26th

Ferrari 360 Replica - Make Your Dream Car A Reality

By Allan Harris
This beautiful car is one of its kind in the Ferrari family. With its unique aerodynamics and unparalleled looks, it became an instant hit upon launch. Possessing a mid-sized V8 engine this piece of art is definitely a head turner. An enthusiastic sporting machine bearing a price tag of approximately $250,000 the well designed state of the art mean machine is quite heavy on the pocket not easy to afford.
Aug 2nd

Drive A Ferrari Spyder Replica That Looks Like a Million Bucks! Oh, My Mistake - $10.8 Million

By Marilyn Stokes
In May of this year a 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spyder, formerly owned by actor James Coburn, set the world record for the highest auction price ever paid for any vintage car. As the black California Spyder beauty, one of only 106 built, brought $10.8 million at the Maranello, Italy Ferrari-themed auction, Edmunds Insider correspondent Mike Lysaght didn't bat an eyelash, calling the sale "A perfectly stratospheric price for one of the most perfectly designed vehicles in automotive history."
Apr 23rd

Willy Wonka and the Ferrari 312 PB Replica (Video)

By Chris Arines
Most people don’t believe that Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory really exists.  They think Wonka was just a fictional character and that his chocolate factory is nothing but pure fantasy.  Actually, there is another character who you might not have heard of in the Hollywood movie.  This character has lived deep in the back recesses of the real factory and he is hard at work.