Feb 6th

383 Chevy Small Block Stroker With Mass-Flo EFI – The Beauty You Simply Cannot Resist! (Video)

By Allan Harris
What you are looking at in this video is a custom built 383 Chevy Small Block Stroker Engine with Mass-EFI by Proformance Unlimited. The engine offers 450 horsepower with beautiful looks and great fuel efficiency. It also comes with a Dart aluminum head engine package which can be changed as per the buyer’s requirements. In other words, this one can be customized the way you want it to. Also, the engines can be custom painted and integrated with Proformance March Performance serpentine belt system.
Dec 18th

1962 Corvette Resto Mod: The Perfect Project Car! (Video)

By Allan Harris
A ’62  Corvette is a lot of things to a lot of people. This car is the last of the first generation. The ’62 Vette was Chevrolets last effort with a C1 platform but the first one ever using a 327 cu engine. This car also makes a nice platform for a resto mod just like the one you are going to see in this video.
Jul 17th

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge – Don’t Judge the Judge! (Video)

By Allan Harris
According to the RoadTest Magazine, ‘The Pontiac Judge is not for people who don’t like exposing!

Well they say Pontiacs have a way of making their impression and they did so back then when the Judge was released! Pontiac, with this car, totally moved on from covered headlamps to exposed ones and produced a car that was both; stylish and muscle at the same time. Released in 1970, the Pontiac Judge is also known as one of the best cars produced during the muscle car era.
Mar 13th

Power Your Kit Car with a Big Block 454 Chevy Crate Engine (Video)

By Allan Harris
One of the easiest ways to add the engine of a kit car is by using a crate engine. However, it may be hard to decide which engine to choose from, especially with the numbers of options available in the car parts market. Still, if it’s great speed, performance and strength that you are looking for, then the Big Block 454 Chevy engine is the right engine for your car.
Jul 27th

Kit Car Finds Its Way Home - 50 Years Later

By Justin Martell
I read with great interest the recent news about 72-year-old Joan Dawes, who lives in Santa Rosa, where she was recently reunited with the 50-year-old fiberglass sports car that she and husband, Les, built (along with hundreds more).
Apr 26th

Santa's 1960 Corvette Replica (Video)

By Paul Ambrose
For most people, Christmas only comes once a year but Santa and his elves actually work all year round to produce the gifts that every kit car enthusiast needs.  That’s why you will see Santa and one of his little elves hard at work in this recent video on YouTube. They know that a '60 Corvette is something that needs constant attention and is a year round dream of every good little boy and girl.
Feb 16th

First Generation Corvette Dreams Live In HiTek Reality (Video)

By Marilyn Stokes
Corvettes are so much a visceral part of the American auto dream, and one would argue that it's the early Corvettes - the C1 generation-that embody the true essence of freedom, beauty, and the power of technology emerging in the retrospectively more innocent times of the fifties and early sixties. The look of a 1959 Corvette Roadster, say, evokes warm, fuzzy feelings and images from the memories of us older folks, and by the Corvette's archetypical status, creates the same golden aura for people of all ages.
Dec 31st

1963 Corvette Grand Sport Replicas Keep the Dream Alive

By Paul Ambrose
Keeping a dream alive is often more serious than most people realize. It’s dreams that eventually lead to gold medals and historic monuments and this is the kind of dream that race car enthusiasts are well informed to take notice of.  In the world of replicas, these cars aren’t always given a fair shake but the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Replicas certainly deserve a bit more attention tha people might give.
Dec 15th

The Corvette C5Coves Transformation

By Paul Ambrose
For those of you who don’t speak “Vette” language, the C5 Corvette is a name that refers to the 5th generation of Corvettes and it covers the model years 1997 – 2004. It was actually way back in 1953 that the first generation Corvette was born and, the Corvette was quickly redesigned with an exciting “cove” shape. Now, many decades later, the C5coves designers appreciate the modern 5th generation performance but they are here to say “Hey! Give me back my Coves!”
Oct 10th

50th Anniversary for the 1957 Chevy Convertible Replica Body

By Paul Ambrose
It's been over fifty years since the original 1957 Chevy Convertible entered the scene to become one of most adored classic cars in America. Today it is commonly restored to its original condition or modified according to owner’s personal tastes and, as it gets older, it only gets better. Regularly used in movies, TV, music toys, and graphics, this is an icon of an era.