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“Manta cars” was founded in 1973 was a joint venture between brothers, Tim and Brad LoVette. Mirage was their first and best release. Tim LoVette inherited the company after his brother was killed in an unfortunate racing incident.

The Manta Cars club is a tribute to what the brothers managed to achieve in such a short time. Tim LoVette designed the ever successful Montage T-car. Manta cars closed down in the late 1980’s. But it will forever and always be remembered by kit car enthusiasts worldwide. When it closed down, the company has produced around 1000 cars. Along with the Montage, there was also Mirage and a 1953 Corvette Replica of which only 1 exists.

For all the manta owners out there, the website has a registry where they can find each other and be a part of the historic community. So if you are the lucky owner of a Manta then don’t forget to sign up on the Registry page.

The Manta Car club covers all sides of Manta appreciation. Every member is somehow in love with the concept of these cars and admiration for Manta cars is a must for any member as well. The club includes fan bases for all Manta cars; such as the Manta Mirage, Manta Montage, UVA montage, Marauder McLaren, Tornado and even Hard castle McCormick Coyote. Whether you own any of these beaus or are an admirer, you will be welcomed with open arms. The website, registry and forum all include hundreds of pictures for you to lust over! They have also managed to save build manuals and original brochures for the Manta mean machines!

Mantas mostly has a 350 cubic inch engine although there are also some Manta cars with 454 to 460 cubic inch, these can be really wicked! When you are driving a Manta, your biggest challenge is staying within the speed limit. These fast cars can go over 25 mpg with a 350 cubic inch. A nicely kept Manta can easily tackle any of your favorite speed machines but the fact is that Mantas are hard to find.

The Manta Cars club is intended to bring together all those who appreciate the sleekness, speed and beauty of a Manta. There is also a section on the website where owners of the cars can relate nice anecdotes about their experiences with the Manta or the LoVette brothers. It gets sentimental at times!

The members of the club and the webmaster of the site are all quite helpful people and even though it’s been quite awhile since a Manta has been produced, you will find someone wiling to answer your questions.
So if you want to experience the pure passion of Manta lovers, head on over there now!

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